Brand Identity

The power of branding in consumer markets

What is “Branding” exactly?

Branding is more than a logo, it is an association of a NAME with an IMAGE and the PERSONALITY attributed to that association.  Simply
defined, the brand is the immediate image, emotion, or message that people
experience when they think of a company or product.
We need to understand the vital roles that brands serve in the modern, consumer-driven economy. Consumers continue to purchase branded products because the brand provides them with two attributes critical to their mission as consumers: product information and customer loyalty.
Knowing a brand, by name, allows consumers to find out attributes such as how well
known the company is, the company’s general reputation, and the number of
prior purchases from the company. In today’s digitally-connected world, this means consumers can obtain online reviews of both the products and the company, prior to commitment to purchase.
Therefore, it is ever-more important for your business to establish your brand, as a well-recognized provider of your service or product.

How Sign Edge can help you achieve favorable branding.

Sign Edge Custom Signs has been designing, building, installing and servicing the finest custom signage in Apex North Carolina and the Raleigh Durham Triangle for years.  Take a look at the branding we’ve created using these products:
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